What is the free SRV subdomain? / Can I get a dedicated IP?

TheSmelter doesn't offer dedicated IPs (meaning default 25565 ports). 

This is mainly due to the so called IPv4 crisis. In a few words, there is currently a global shortage of dedicated IPs. If you would like more information you can read more about this situation here.

Instead of a dedicated IP we provide you with a free subdomain that is used in the exact same way as a dedicated IP and also has these added features:

1. It's much easier to use and remember than a random 12 digit number.
2. In the event that your server needs to be moved to another node for any reason (for example if you want to upgrade your RAM and your current node doesn't have enough room for this) your subdomain will always remain the same.
3. Since your true IP is kept private and we route all subdomains through CloudFlare this adds an extra layer of protection from attacks to your server.
4. It's completely free.

Your subdomain is in the form of: serverXXXX.thesmelter.com and you can see it in your panel and in your welcome email. Your subdomain can be customised to anything.thesmelter.com simply by opening a ticket about this request.

Please note that subdomains can take up to 24 hours to become active due to the way DNS servers work.

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