How to deal with Minecraft corrupted chunks

The easiest way to fix corrupted chunks, is to reset the server. To reset your server please follow this guide:

If you don't want to reset your server you can try the following:

If you know the coordinates of the chunk in question you can use MCEdit to fix the chunk. You can watch a tutorial on this here:
MCEdit can be found here:

Alternatively if the player can stay on the server long enough after logging in, you can try teleporting him/her to another location by using the teleport (tp) command:
Moving the player to 0,0.65 will hopefully move the player to spawn.

If the server crashes before you have time to move the player you can either delete his player data or edit it to change his/her current location.

To delete the player data first you need to find out which .dat file represents each player by visiting this site: 
Enter the name of the player in the Convert Minecraft Username to UUID field and click Go. This will show you the UUID for this player.
Then just log in via FTP (in you panel under Files>FTP File Access or through an FTP client like FileZilla) and delete the appropriate .dat file from the world>playerdata folder of your server.

So for example if you want to delete the data for Player, you would go to this address and enter "Player" in the form. This will get you the bd346dd5-ac1c-427d-87e8-73bdd4bf3e13 and you would need then to delete the file named bd346dd5-ac1c-427d-87e8-73bdd4bf3e13.dat inside your world>player data folder.

If deleting the player data needs to be avoided at all costs, you can edit the .dat file using NBTExplorer (

In that case you need to download the .dat file for the player you want to move with NBTExplorer and edit the "Pos:3 entries". Each entry represents x,z and y. If you edit these entries to 0,65 and 0 respectively, your player will be moved to spawn. After editing you just need to upload the .dat file back on your server.

Please keep in mind that moving the player does not actually fix the corrupted chunk and if another player visits this chunk your server will probably crash again.

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