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How do I update my Minecraft Jar/Modpack?

Please note: Following these steps will result in deletion of all the files on your server except any backups you have made using the Backup feature of the Control Panel. This includes any custom config files and, ops.txt, whitelist.txt etc. Make sure to download a copy of your backup file to your local computer before attempting to update!

Before attempting to update your server, please check the latest available version for your Jar or Modpack on our installer, here.
You can check which version your server is currenty running, by opening the file modpack.ver which can be found in the root folder of your server.

To update your server using the same jar/modpack please follow these steps:

1. Stop your server.
2. Backup your world, using the built in backup feature in your minecraft panel under Files>Backup. Warning: If you are using multiple worlds, plugins or a modded server, you need to move all the files you need to backup into your main world folder. If you want to keep your server.proterties, whitelist, op list etc, you need to move the relevant files in your main world folder as well.
3. Log into your server directory with an FTP client (either the built in your panel, or a client like FileZilla) and delete the file named no.update.
4. Start your server. This will wipe all files and install a new version of your jar/modpack.
5. Stop your server and restore your saved backup using the Restore feature of the minecraft panel under Files>Backup>Restore.
6. If you moved any files into your world folder in step 2, move them back to their original locations.
7. If you want to enable or disable mods on your modpack now is a good time to do this. You can follow this guide.
8. Start your server.

If you are in doubt on how to perform any of these steps, feel free to contact our support. We will be happy to help you out with this task.

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