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Currently Available

Version 1.3.3
For Minecraft 1.7.10

Suggested Memory

Minimum: 3.0 GB
Recommended: 4.0 GB

Blast Off uses the HQM mod and is a quest based modpack in a post apocalyptic setting in which the player is the last person left in a world destroyed by a nuclear blast.In the year 2120 the earth has been practically drained of all its resources, global warming was at its peak. Technology was power hungry, and hence the BioTNuclear plant was started deep underground. However, soon after a massive earthquake struck the facility and caused the highly unstable fuel rods to meltdown. The meltdown was barely contained, but a single fuel rod was blasted and lodged into the world’s largest Nuke and TBioCells facility unnoticed. It was a ticking time-bomb for humanity, fortunately the NASA Space program was completed and most of humanity migrated across the solar system. You were almost on the ship out of earth when the fuel rod exploded and triggered the lock-down, and as per safety procedure after a world wide nuclear catastrophe, you was placed in suspense animation until sensors indicate that the radiation level was safe enough to tolerate. However, it seems that most of the greenery and ores has been corroded to hardened clay, the weather is much more violent with snowstorm and tornadoes. Luckily i have a guide on NASA ships on me, it is time for you to wake and gather materials to join humanity in space!

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FTB Blast Off Server Hosting Features

TheSmelter Host Features

  • Unlimited FTP and Full Database Access To Manage Every Single File On Your Server
  • No Player Cap!
  • Free 48 Hour Private Trial Minecraft Server
  • Always Updated Modpack Version
  • Easy Server Configuration Through Your Control Panel
  • Free 45 Days Of Premium Buycraft
  • Free Pro Minetrends For 30 days
  • 24/7 Friendly and Reliable Tech Support
  • Super Fast and Easy Setup Procedure
  • SSD Powered Servers For Smooth Gaming
  • No Hidden Fees, No Surprise Costs Forever
  • Multiple Location Datacenters So You Can Say Goodbye to Lag
  • Free Enjin For 45 Days
  • Free DDoS Protection


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